Christa McAuliffe’s Legacy


Christa Corrigan McAuliffe (1948-1986) grew up in Framingham and attended Marian High School. As a child, Christa was intrigued with space exploration and the Apollo Project. She received a BA degree from Framingham State College and an MEd from Bowie State College. She was a regular patron of the Saxonville Library, which was renamed in her honor in 1987.

For 14 years Christa taught social studies in secondary schools in Maryland and Concord, New Hampshire. In 1985 she trained to be NASA’s first Teacher in Space. Christa and six other astronauts perished on January 28, 1986, during the takeoff of the Challenger. Her legacy lives around the world and especially in Framingham, her home town. (NASA Biography)

The new McAuliffe Branch Library emphasizes the values that Christa McAuliffe stood for—education, discovery, exploration, and space—plus the supporting disciplines of history, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Through its materials and programs, the new McAuliffe Branch Library promotes the sense of curiosity and wonder that motivates those, who like Christa McAuliffe, seek to “Open the Door to Tomorrow.”

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