Funding Sources


Funding for the McAuliffe project came from three sources: the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, the Town of Framingham, and fundraising.

The FPL Foundation raised $600,000 from corporate and individual donors and presented a check to the town for that amount to help fund the new McAuliffe Branch Library.

McAuliffe Branch Library Funding Sources

State grant $4.2 M
Town funding $3.8 M
Initial fundraising goal $0.6 M
Total (land & building) $8.6 M

Engraved Bricks Fundraising

The FPL Foundation’s two drives to raise funds for brick patios in front of the new McAuliffe Branch were a great success. For the first one the Foundation sold 639 personally engraved bricks, so many the patio had to be enlarged. Messages included: memorials to parents, friends, and grandparents; smart quotes; a number of jokes; and dedications to friends, children, grandchildren, and even pets.

So many people wanted to buy a brick after the construction deadline had passed, the FPL Foundation decided to install a second patio. Brick purchases for that patio (sales closed in September, 2016) reached 220. The new patio was installed during the summer of 2017.


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